Hall of Honor

Items to consider for Athletic performance:

  • Selection to select side teams
  • Captaincy
  • Vice captaincy
  • Game changing talent
  • On field leadership
  • Productivity = wins
  • Played overwhelming majority of adult career for the Quins
  • Made teammates better players
  • Distinguished themselves on the field as a player through great sportsmanship

Items to consider for Club/member performance:

  • Held position(s) of leadership (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, board member, etc.)
  • Volunteered on a regular basis
  • Contributed to success of team/RFA goals
  • Excellent teammate
  • Contributed to the positive culture of the club
  • Leadership that was outside of executive held positions
  • RFA volunteer, contributor, board member
  • Distinguished themselves as a great Harlequin and gentlemen.

You must be a member of Club 73 to Nominate a person to the Hall of Honor.

  • All recipients will get their name on a banner that will hang in the hall at Founders with the class.
  • All recipients will receive a plaque that will be hung in the CLUB 73 with the rest of the Plaques for Past RFA Presidents and RFC Presidents.
  • There will be 5 inductee’s the first year and 2 every year after.
  • The new class of 2023 will be the final voters for the next years class along with RFA directors

Please submit by September 15, 2023.