Youth Rugby kicks off in Braddock

The Garfield “G-Force” Rugby program traveled to Braddock Wednesday night to play “The Dock” in the first contest of the Spring youth rugby season. The late day arrival of a little sun made the event a pleasure for the good showing of Coaches, players and fans in attendance.



The visitors got off to a good start, taking the early lead and showing great athleticism throughout the first half. Coach Jerry Maloney said “They showed heart and discipline and, while they are young, looked determined and focused- especially for the first night out”.

Braddock, not deterred by the halftime score, were able to create opportunities of their own in the second half. Coach Rick Stein, recently recruited from the perennial powerhouse high school division of the Woodland Hills School District, was able to make the strategic adjustments at halftime to bring the host team back into the contest.

“They kept their cool, and were able to find their rhythm in the second half”, noted Braddock Head Coach Sean Madden. Solid play be the Dock allowed them to edge out the visitors from Garfield before the final whistle blew. Pizza was enjoyed together on the sideline by all participants following the match.

The first game of the season was a resounding success for all participants, due in no small part to active Men’s club participants Allan Murray, Pat Russel, and Anthony Sciotti.

League Sponsor, Steve Friedberg commented via satellite phone, “it is the active players committing to supporting these programs that make the Harlequins organization more than just the only Division 1 club within 100 miles”. “The selfless effort put into these programs shows their love for the community and the sport”.

Next Match- April 20th, Braddock travels to Hazelwood.