Women’s Collegiate National All-Star Championship

On Friday June 10th the top collegiate women ruggers in the United States will show their skills at Founders Field in Pittsburgh, PA. The teams in the competition are composed of the top women players from each of seven Territorial Unions in the country, as well as an eight team comprised of the Collegiate All Americans.

The tournament, which takes place Friday June 10th and Sunday June 12th, is largely a showcase for these athletes who are hoping to enter the pathway to making the United States Women’s Eagles Team. The weekend event is similar to a scouting combine, with the main difference being the testing is based on actual gameplay rather than individual skill tests.

Each team will play one match on Friday and the results of those games will determine the match-ups for Sunday. Teams will arrive earlier in the week for team training prior to competition.


Friday, June 10, 2011
Match Field Time
1 B 1:30 MARFU South
2 A 2:30 PC SoCal
3 B 3:30 Midwest West
4 A 4:30 NRU U20s
Sunday, June 12, 2011
Match Field Time
1 B 9:00 Tier 2 Consolation
2 A 10:00 Tier 1 Consolation
3 B 11:00 TIER 2 FINAL
4 A 12:00 TIER 1 FINAL

For more information, contact Matt Rosemeyer at the the Pittsburgh Harlequins.