Three years to Olympic Rugby

Monday, August 5 2013 marks three years to go until Rugby Sevens makes its Olympic Games debut at Rio 2016 and players, fans and officials have been taking to social media to celebrate the occasion.
By (IRB.COM) Monday 5 August 2013

Artists representation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park

Artists representation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park

The world’s finest players representing 12 men’s and 12 women’s nations will join 10,500 athletes from more than 200 countries in one of the world’s great cities for the landmark Games, the first-ever to be hosted in South America.

Excitement throughout the Rugby family has been palpable ever since the IOC voted Rugby Sevens onto the summer Olympic Games programme at Copenhagen in 2009. Fast, exciting and vibrant, with strong character-building values, Rugby Sevens has experienced unprecedented growth since the decision and players and fans from around the world have joined the IRB in celebrating the three years to go milestone.

IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset led the celebrations: “We are excited about Rugby Sevens’ Olympic Games debut and maximising the opportunity of competing on the world’s greatest sporting stage to reach out and inspire and engage new audiences and participants around the world.

“As we reach this three years to go landmark, planning and preparation is on track and we are confident of delivering in partnership with all stakeholders memorable, competitive, and ultimately successful Rugby Sevens competitions at the Rio 2016 Games that the Olympic Games movement, Rio and Rugby will be proud of.”

The Rugby family joined in the celebrations, with top men’s and women’s players expressing their excitement via social media.