Why the Sport Your Child Should be Playing is Rugby

Why the Youth Sport Your Kids Should be Playing is Rugby   08.23.2015 – ALEX GOFF GOFFRUGBYREPORT.COM If you’re a parent deciding what sport your kid should try in elementary and middle school, and you don’t have rugby on your list, then you’re making a mistake. Rugby is played as non-contact touch or flag rugby […]

Braddock vs. Garfield

The 2014 youth rugby season has kicked off for the 19th year in a row.  Garfield, the season champion for the past two years, travelled to Team Braddock at Hawkins Village in the Borough of Rankin.  The sidelines were ringed with family and friends, as well as quite a few neighbors who just wanted to […]


The Mentoring Partnership is delighted to announce that Pittsburgh Harlequins will be one of our Mentoring Excellence Award Winners!   STRIVING FOR MENTORING EXCELLENCE AWARDS   The Magic of Mentoring Recognition Event is an exceptional event, held once every other year, to recognize and honor mentoring in our region.  More than 1,300 individuals from corporations, […]

Coast Guard Academy Visits Youth Program

The Coast Guard Academy Men’s Rugby team was in Pittsburgh for the USARugby Division 2 College Playoffs last week, and came out to have a run with the Larimer Youth Rugby Team.  The Larimer program is part of the U14 non-contact rugby-mentoring programs of the Pittsburgh Harlequins.  The Programs- including sites in Braddock, Garfield, Larimer, […]

2011 Harlequin Youth Rugby Begins

Youth Coaching is Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:30pm. The Pittsburgh Harlequins Youth Mentoring programs utilize the sport of Rugby as a mentoring tool to instill our core values of  Accountability, Responsibility, Teamwork, and School Matters.  Our mentors and coaches work with at-risk youth age 8-14 in the neighborhoods of Braddock, Homewood, Hazelwood and Garfield.  Over 200 […]