Rugby Coaching Certification

The Pittsburgh Harlequins will host, in cooperation with USARugby, a Level 200 Coaching Course.  Level 200 is the minimum certification requirement for all coaches of contact teams.  All are welcome to attend, both coaches and non-coaches.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this course being offered locally.

USA RUGBY Level 200 Coaching Course

March 1st, 2014
Founders Field
101 Eisele Road
Pittsburgh PA, 15024



What do I have to do to complete this level?
1. Complete the Level 100 IRB Rugby Ready
2. Complete the Level 200 Online Course
3. Attend the 1 day in person Level 200 Certification Clinic


What time is the course?
We ask the participants show up to the course around 7:30 am so we may start the course promptly at 8:00 am. The course runs until about 5:00 pm


What is this course?
*Level 200 Coaching Certification will be the minimum certification requirement for all coaches of contact teams starting on 8/31/2013


This workshop is aligned with the ARM (American Rugby Model) designed to continue the learning process and education of a coach with a focus on the progressive implementation. The new coaching structure focuses on coaching the right thing at the right time with the best interest of the players at hand.


The Level 200 Coaching Certification consists of an online course and a 1-day in person certification clinic. The shift in theory allows coaches to get on the field with ample opportunity to put into practice his/her coaching style and technical application.
This course is aligned with the NFHS (National High School Federation), interscholastic coach certification and is required at a minimum for every USAR registered coach teaching the contact game.


The goal of this certification clinic is for coaches to refine their coaching skills and knowledge with a focus on teaching the technical aspects of the game through the use of games, questioning and progression.


Throughout the certification clinic, coaches will not only get hands on experience but will receive feedback, evaluation and a peer review processes aimed at improving and creating well rounded coaching approach.


Who should be at this level?
Any coach of a contact team should complete this course as the minimum requirement for coaching.


USA Rugby recommends that a Level 200 Certification is appropriate for all youth contact and high school level coaches.