Quins shutout the Exiles 19-0 and solidify CR4 playoff spot.

Pittsburgh Win Confirms CR4 Playoff Teams
By Alex Goff (www.rugbymag.com)

The Pittsburgh Harlequins shut out the Maryland Exiles Saturday 19-0 to be the first team to finish their entire league season in the Mid-Atlantic DI club season.

The Harlequins finished their season 6-3 with 30 points in the standings and the second-best defense in the league (only 129 points given up in nine matches). That won’t be good enough to clinch 1st or 2nd – PAC can clinch 1st with a couple of bonus points in their final two matches. Norfolk has clinched second thanks to tiebreakers over Pittsburgh.

But the Harlequins, with their victory, now can only be caught by Schuylkill River (41-26 winners over Raleigh Saturday). If Schuylkill River is able to beat undefeated PAC and NOVA in March, they can be third, but no better. (Addendum. We neglected to mention that Media is also mathematically in the hunt with one game to go.)

Pittsburgh has secured at least 4th, and a spot in the CR4 crossover playoffs.

With Boston Irish Wolfhounds’ 29-8 win over Long Island, and New York’s 32-30 defeat of South Shore, the eight CR4 playoff teams are now confirmed (but not their seeding):

MARFU: PAC, Norfolk, Pittsburgh, Schuylkill River or Media
Northeast: Mystic River, Boston Irish Wolfhounds, New York, Monmouth

MARFU seeding won’t be finalized until the last few games in March. The Northeast seedings will be decided November 19 and 20.