Quins 2-0 with Win Over NOVA

As Millions of people around the world look to New Zealand this year for the Rugby World Cup, The Pittsburgh Harlequins looked to continue their D-I Mid-Atlantic campaign last Saturday on the road in our Nation’s Capitol to face Northern Virgina Rugby Club. NOVA finished 4th in MARFU last year and came into saturdays game following a 49-7 defeat to Norfolk. The Harlequins opened their league season on September 10th at home with a decisive win over the visiting Raleigh Vipers.

The Harlequins took the early lead with a try by Zach Schell. The Vipers replied quickly with a try of their own, and then a added to their lead with a series of penalty kicks that left the Quins down 11-5. Pat Russel was able to bring the margin closer with his own penalty kick and the Quins would find the halftime whistle down 11-8.

The second half started with speed and intensity as the Quins made good use of the field, finding Russel for a try and conversion, making the score 11-15 with 35 minutes left to play. NOVA stayed sharp, scoring twice after great defensive stands by the visiting Quins.

With twenty minutes left to play Pittsburgh was able to capitalize on another NOVA penalty for another 3 point Russel penalty kick. Sustained offense led by the teams forwards allowed Jon Casile to find space between NOVA defenders to touch down and tie the score at 23-all. With time running out on the clock Geoff Jordan was able to break tackles into the Tryzone, with Russel collecting another conversion and 15 points for the day.

After the restart the NOVA never regained possession, and the Harlequins finished the win 30-23 over the home team.

The Harlequins are now 2-0 in league play, and will travel to Philadelphia Saturday to play Schuylkill River Exiles in the annual Pelly Cup. The two teams take the annual league matchup as an opportunity to remember Eric Pelly, a young Harlequin player who died in 2006.

Play begins at 2pm this weekend followed by a b-side match at 3:30pm.