Pound for Pound Collegiate Rugby Tournament

This weekend the Pittsburgh Harlequins are hosting their annual Pound for Pound Collegiate Rugby Tournament. The tournament will begin at 10 am. Teams please try to be there around 8:30 am for check in. Good Luck to all.

All matches are 25 minute halves. Please see the schedule below.
10:00 am
A Field
– California University of PA vs Villanova University
B Field– Indiana University of PA vs Carnegie Mellon University

11:30 am
A Field
– California University of PA vs Salisbury State
B field– Indiana University of PA vs Virginia Military Institute

1:00 pm
A Field
– Salisbury State vs Villanova University
B Field– Virginia Military Institute vs Carnegie Mellon University

Consolation matches will be as follows:

#3 seeds @ 2:30 pm

#2 seeds @ 3:00 pm

Final #1 seeds @ 4:00 pm

Point System

Win = 4 points
Draw = 2 points (a game tied at the end of regulation time will remain tied)
Loss = 1 point for loss within 7 points or less of the team that wins
Loss = 0 points for loss of more than 7 points
1 point for scoring 4 tries or more in a match

Quins, please arrive at 8:00 am.

Field crew will be showing up at 7:30 am.
The following will be the work crews for the day:

Field Crew– Zach, Geoff, Chet

Cook Crew– Flash, Chuck Mohan, Anthony Ciottti, Nick long

Scoreboard– Jim Shere, Ryan Logue, Bryan Donnelly

Touch Judges– Nate Flood, Anthony D’ Antonio, Adam Koon, RJ

Marketing– Jon Casile, Alan Murray, Mike Wilk  (selling t-shirts, 50/50 tickets, and concessions)

Recruiting– Nick Koon

In addition to the jobs above, we’ll need people filling up water and ice jugs and just being available to help as needed.  If you don’t see your name above, feel free to help out when needed. Once the field crew is done setting up, we’ll fill in as needed.