New Mentoring Program in Hill District

On Monday October 1 the Harlequins RFA started a new afterschool program at University Prep Academy in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.  The program features a 1-hour module of rugby instruction each Monday from 5-6.  Sponsored by the Hill House and the High Acheivers Zone grant initiative, the program will run for 9 weeks.  In total, five separate funding agencies are collaborating on the effort.
Sean Madden, Professor at California University and Harlequin Youth Program co-Coordinator remarked, “The Harlequins were approached because, well, we have an 18 year history of successful youth rugby development- and the program is fun and inclusive.”

16 aspiring Harlequins, 9 boys and 7 girls aged 12-14, turned out for the session. Harlequins Sean Madden and George Miller lead the practice.  After a half-hour of free willing keep away (a fun way to introduce the game) the players became more and more competitive and wanted to have rugby ball relay races to establish a pecking order of athletes.  George showed them his patented side step, which may be in slow motion now- but still the same affect.

Any Harlequin is welcome to join in for this one-hour session that is really the best of all worlds.  It allows us to work with great kids teaching a game that we love, while growing as mentors and giving back to our community.
If you want to show up for a session contact Sean at  [email protected]