Harlequins Win on The Road at Raleigh


With the fifth week of the DI Mid-Atlantic coming to a close, there are still three unbeaten teams left and a total of six teams within six points of the conference lead. Norfolk and Schuylkill River each notched close wins against Potomac and Baltimore-Chesapeake.  Rocky Gorge blanked it’s second straight opponent dismantling Northern Virginia, 49-0. Lastly, after putting up the most total points of any team thisseason, Pittsburgh is finally off the slide beating Raleigh, 48-15.


Pittsburgh at Raleigh

After going winless last year and through the first three games of this year, Pittsburgh finally got a their first win in almost two years over Raleigh, 48-15. The Harlequins have been competitive all year with their new dynamic backline. Including this weekend’s win, Pittsburgh has scored and given up the most points in the conference, but their point differential is at a conference low of 7 points. Even though they only have one win, the Harlequins are among the conference point leaders with three bonus try points and two bonus loss points. Pittsburgh will look to start a winning streak next week when Rocky Gorge comes to town.

“The story of the game is that we travelled with 16 players,” Pittsburgh captain Paul Holmes said. “Raleigh came out determined in the first half, but in the second half, our spacing was just too much for them. We moved the ball through the hands like it was our job. The players knew what was at stake and that it was time to win.”

The game was close in the first half before Pittsburgh blew it apart in the second. Dominic Tommarello and Luke Titus each scored for the Harlequins and Austin Willis and Taylor Whitlow scored for Raleigh. Leading 14-10 at the half, Pittsburgh was determined not to let this game slip away.

The Harlequins’ Etuate Varea (2), Ioane Siale, and Ed Sheedy scored in succession in the first 20 minutes of the second half to race to a 38-10 lead. Pittsburgh scored two more tries by Robert Roche and Titus, while Raleigh’s Tristan Viana scored the Vipers lone try of the half.

With their first win behind them, Holmes is looking towards next Saturday’s challenge. “We are excited to play Rocky Gorge, and excited for our three game homestand. We believe we can play with best of the conference. Win or lose, we will score points and be competitive. We really believe in our system and players.”

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