Harlequins vs. Buffalo

The Harlequins embarked on the 2010-2011 season with an exhibition match against the visiting Buffalo Rugby Club. The day was humid and hot as the whistle blew at kick off in front of good crowd of Harlequin supporters. The young athletic Quins came out fast, but Buffalo opened the scoring with an unconverted try and ended the first quarter 12 points ahead.

The Harlequins were able to move the ball down field with some quick off-loads in midfield.  Winger Anthony D’Antonio was able to break the gainline and found space outside to race for the try line.  A quick hand off to flanker Geoff Jordan was all that was needed for the Harlequins to find the try zone, and get on the board and bring the score to within 5.

The Harlequins wasted no time and D’Antonio once again found himself outside the defense, touching down for his first of the season, while winger Pat Russell was good for another conversion.

Buffalo answered back with some good ball work which led to a converted try. The Harlequins, down 14-19,  were able to recover through solid rugby of their own, breaking the gain line once again, and marching the length of the pitch capped off with a try from center Nick Koon. The conversion missed its mark, and the game ended with a final score of 19-19.


Trys: Jordan, D’Antonio, N. Koon

Conversions: Russell 2-2, N. Koon, 0-1

Penalty Kicks: Russell 0-1


Trys: 3

Conversions: 2-3

Penalty Kicks: 0-3

Staying true to form, both sides hit the pitch for another 80 minutes of glory. The final result from the B side match was Buffalo 33-Harlequins 29.


Trys: N. Koon, A. Koon, N. Koon, Will, N. Koon

Conversions: 2-5


Trys: 4

Conversions: 2-2

Penalty Kicks: 2-3

Drop Goals: 1-1

A special thanks to the Buffalo Rugby Club for a great day of rugby. Good luck gentlemen with your season.