Harlequins Gearing up for Season

The Pittsburgh Harlequins began preparing for the spring season Saturday with a club meeting to discuss logistics, as well as a CPR training. The CPR training, provided by Alumni and supporters, is one of the first steps the Men’s Division 1 Club team takes to prepare for the youth mentoring programs.

The youth mentoring programs encompass 28 neighborhoods in 4 program sites throughout Allegheny county; focusing on at-risk youth from the Braddock, Homewood, Garfield and Hazelwood areas. For a few hours a week for 8 weeks, the Men’s Team volunteer as mentor-coaches sharing their passion for the sport, and passing on the life skills of responsibility and accountability.

“It’s tough because there are so many demands already on everyones time with family and work and our competitive season,” says Allan Murray, a member of the team and a teacher in the Woodland Hills School District, “But the reward of seeing the joy in the sport passed on to these kids more than makes up for the two or three hours a week. Rugby gives the (youth) players another opportunity to succeed.”

The youth programs as well as the Harlequins Men’s season begin in March and continue through the end of May. For information on the youth programs or the Men’s Division 1 team, please contact [email protected] or follow updates at www.pittsburghharlequins.org.