Gun Bash 2012 Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

A special Thank You from the Harlequins to the Casile Family and all of our participants.

Thanks for making our First Annual Gun Bash such a success!

See you all next year.

Guns by:
The Shooters Bench Russellton, PA

 West Deer Twp.

All Federal and State gun laws apply.

Call 412-977-8509 for info and questions.
$100 cash: Brian Scanlon
Gsg .22lr: Mike Gavita
Mossberg 835: Ralph Defranco
S&W 442 .38: Bill Doyle
$100 cash: Sean Madden
Weatherby pa08: Roseann Casile
Taurus Public Defender: Lindsay Casile
Savage axis 7mm: Ryan Logue 

$100 cash: Ron Richter
Henry 22 Lever Action: Erik Retzer
Glock 27 .40: Sean Heinle
Marlin xl7 30-06: Kurt Schaffer
$100 cash: Lori Stawmski
Ruger lc9: Dave Francis
Remington 700 .270: Kyle Porter
Springfield xdm .45: Charles czake
$200 cash: Kyle Porter