Out of Touch: Conference Championship Rematch Sees No Change in Result.

With fans, friends, family, and former players present; Harlequins Homecoming and Family Day was all set to be a fine success. Even the weather was willing to cooperate. The sky was blue and the sun shined bright, but Rocky Gorge came to play. That should come as no surprise. The reigning conference champs have a […]

Pittsburgh Harlequins vs. Schuylkill River Exiles

The Harlequins’ four plus hour road trip to Philadelphia took its toll on their ability to start strong. Kicking off to the Exiles, Pittsburgh’s chase was unevenly timed and coverage poorly communicated among Quins defenders. Schuylkill would take advantage of open field play all day and that trend started from the opening kickoff. The Quins […]

Pittsburgh Harlequins visit Potomac Exiles

Success in the Mid-Atlantic Conference has a lot to do with a club’s ability to travel. That is no secret, but executing a road victory continues to be difficult. That same feat eluded the Harlequins in week one against Rocky Gorge. If you look at the wins and losses between Potomac and Pittsburgh over the […]

Baltimore-Chesapeake vs. Pittsburgh

After spending so much of last week’s match in good scoring position, but failing to capitalize on several occasions, the Quins had a lot to prove to themselves when Baltimore-Chesapeake came to town. And they did just that. Pittsburgh opened up the match with a consistent attack that balanced straight forward power with good passing to the […]

Washington Irish vs. Pittsburgh Harlequins

“A win is a win,” says Head Coach Eric Jerpe as the Quins gather around him after their 30-17 victory. Pittsburgh did get a bonus point win against the newly DI promoted Irish side, but many expected a wider margin of victory after a good deal of the match was played inside the Irish twenty-two. […]

Harlequins vs Rocky Gorge in Season Opener

These two teams are well acquainted with one another. The scene before the game was of hand shakes and subdued laughter as old friends say hello again. But there was something else in the air; a tension. Pittsburgh has not been the victor in this matchup in recent memory. Both teams are acutely aware of […]

Harlequins vs Highlanders

As rugby grows in the US we must familiarize ourselves with the traditions that belong to it. Traditionally, Saturday is a Rugby day. The Harlequins, and furthermore the Mid-Atlantic Conference, do a fine job of maintaining this tradition, but for two Pittsburgh based clubs looking to get a good run in before the competitive season […]

Pitt City vs Harlequins Pre-season Recap

Saturday was a beautiful day for rugby. The sun was shining, the stands were full of eager faces, and both teams came ready for action. The match was split into three, thirty minute periods with rolling substitutes in order to spread experience across the entire depths of both teams. Pitt City came out firing, catching […]

Pre-season Quins in Mid-season Form

Consistency is a common thread among the challenges of club rugby. Players sacrifice time and energy from their personal and professional lives to commit to the game they love. Sometimes the commitment feels too great and other priorities take precedence over the rugby pitch. This is understandable and predictable. We can expect then, that progress […]