40th Anniversary Year for Quins

The Pittsburgh Harlequins were formed at the University of Pittsburgh Law School in 1973.


The name “Harlequins” was adopted later that year in homage to one of the worlds top rugby teams, the London Harlequins.  The Team colors were chosen as Scarlet Red and Royal Blue; and after several iterations of the Harlequin logo, the current “Harlequin” was chosen in the mid 1990’s and is recognized throughout the Rugby community in the United States.

The Harlequins have a proud tradition of excellent rugby on the field and camaraderie in the clubhouse.  15 years ago, a group of players looking to hang up the boots and give back to the game and their community, sacrificed thousands of hours, several relationships, and cash out of their own pockets to create Founders Field, The premier club-owned Rugby facility in North America.

The Harlequins continue to develop their home, and Proudly compete at the highest amateur level of the sport on the continent.  With players from all walks of life and varying levels of rugby and athletic skills, the true club member is able to see the rich history of the organization, and envision the future of the Scarlet and Royal.

2013 is the 40th year of Pittsburgh Harlequin Rugby.  We look forward to current and future players, alumni, friends, and family joining us as we embark on a year of events celebrating the storied past and bright future of the club.  The Culminating event will be our annual “Rugby For Life” weekend, September 6-8th, an event all “Quins” should block out on their calendar now- you won’t want to miss it!