2011 Harlequin Youth Rugby Begins

Youth Coaching is Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:30pm.

The Pittsburgh Harlequins Youth Mentoring programs utilize the sport of Rugby as a mentoring tool to instill our core values of  Accountability, Responsibility, Teamwork, and School Matters.  Our mentors and coaches work with at-risk youth age 8-14 in the neighborhoods of Braddock, Homewood, Hazelwood and Garfield.  Over 200 youth participate annually from March to June, learning positive interaction with peers from other neighborhoods, as well as adults. 

For information on the Youth Mentoring programs or the Men’s Division I team, please contact[email protected] or follow us on our website: www.pittsburghharlequins.org.

As a reminder, here is a list of volunteers at each site.

Braddock – Sean Madden, Anthony D’Antonio, Pat Russell, Tyler Malone, Steve Friedberg, Rick Stein

Homewood – Pat Mahady, Anthony Ciotti, Andy May, Mike Wilk, Steve Hunt
Hazelwood – Matt Rippen, Steve Scheuerle, Zach Huth, Jered Pander
Garfield – Jerry Malone, Nick Long, Nick Koon, Dan Chetlin, Adam Koon

A special thanks to our dedicated volunteers at all of our sites!